About DKRC

About DKRC

Mission Statement

The Distributed Knowledge Research Collaborative (DKRC) is a consortium of individual researchers and groups dedicated to the study of how knowledge is produced, shared, negotiated, and co-constructed within distributed communities, and the ways in which technologies affect these exchanges. We assume that to understand distributed knowledge processes, we require the perspectives and methodologies of multiple disciplines. Our members and approaches draw from and contribute to the sociology of scientific knowledge, computer mediated communication studies, social network analysis, information science, management, education, and writing studies. We also assume that several knowledge processes can be distributed, including our own. Several of the consortium projects are distributed across disciplines, time, institutions, and geography.


The DKRC was founded in 2000 by the DK Group, which received funding from a U.S. National Science Foundation, Knowledge and Distributed Intelligence grant (year 1999; award 9980182) to explore distributed knowledge processes. The 7 co-PI’s were distributed among 5 U.S. institutions; over the years, they were joined by 15 RA’s. More information about the Group’s past research can be found at http://www.dkrc.org/KDI/. Several members of the DK Group are still active in the DKRC.


The DKRC has received support from the following institutions; the views expressed on the main site do not necessarily reflect the views of these agencies. Please note that the DKRC is not responsible for the views and information presented on sites linked to this one.

U.S. National Science Foundation 

Graduate School of Library & Information Science at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Information Systems Research Laboratory